Beautiful new reserve at Coburns Rise in Harkness

Beautiful new reserve at Coburns Rise in Harkness

The team at Ausland recently completed a local reserve that is to be enjoyed by the residents of Coburns Rise in Harkness, Melton.

Ausland worked alongside Landscape Architect, Thomson Hay. Thomas skilfully designed a great space for the community and our dedicated maintenance team are keeping it in shape for the residents. 

This is one of the many projects that our Ausland Maintenance team manage. 

Creating green spaces like this helps to foster interaction within the community and improves the overall mental health of the residents living in the area.  It is important for people to have access to an open space and to experience fresh air. 

At Ausland, we are proud to construct a space that is practical, aesthetically pleasing and useful to its users and to continue the maintainance of the space to ensure the plants flourish.

Drawing from our 20 year history and our team with strong experience and knowledge we ensure the client gets the best value out of their investment.