The Ausland team have provided colour & texture to the streets of Bloomdale Estate.

One of the most important benefits of plants and trees to streetscapes and people is that they can enhance the aesthetics of an area to make it more attractive and inviting.

We use plants to create borders and separate areas. This can add a sense of character to an area and can be a great way to create a sense of identity in an area.

In addition to their aesthetic value, plants and trees can also provide many environmental benefits. Trees are particularly important, as they can absorb pollutants, reduce noise levels, and provide shade.  Trees can also provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, helping to maintain biodiversity in an area.

The addition of plants and greenery is known to have mental health benefits and can help reduce stress levels and provide a sense of relaxation.

Trees can increase curb appeal and make an area look more attractive. In addition, trees can help to reduce runoff, which can help to reduce the cost of stormwater management.

Ausland wil continue to maintain and support the growth and presence of plants and trees across the streetscapes.